12 Apr 2016

How to Boost Your Email Marketing Performance


Boost email marketing perfomance

Email marketing is the most consistent and offers the highest ROI for sales for businesses. This is mainly because email allows you a direct line into your audience which they have already given you permission to use. It also has the ability to drive a huge amount of traffic to other channels if utilised properly. Email is one of the simplest channels to implement and maintain.

Analyse your email data in detail in order to get the most out of your email marketing. You can do this by filtering it and segmenting out your email lists. Here’s what you need to look for:

1) People’s behaviours. Look at the open and click through rates. Check the averages for each address.
2) What devices people are reading your email on. Are they using different devices to read and take action. 67% of all emails are opened on a mobile device (smartphones and tablets).
3) Age of your list. Check whether old email addresses are still active.
4) Unsubscribe rates. Are they constant or do they vary depending on the content.

Segmenting your email lists. This can be done either through demographics, habits and likes or it can be done through historical behaviours. For example, you can split your list into the following segments and then target each group with tailored and carefully crafted content.

*low open ; high clicks = people who don’t open your emails very often but when they do they take action. Check timings, subject lines, possibly your from address.

high open ; low clicks = people aren’t finding your content very stimulating. Check your calls to action, content length, imagery to boost interest.

high open ; high click = people who love your emails and engage with your brand the most. Engage with them on a personal level to understand what they want to see more of.

low open ; low click = people who are either not seeing your emails or are just not interested in what you’re saying. Rather than remove them from your list try to reactivate engagement by sending them content tailored to their likes and previous behaviours.

Reasons for low open ; low click through rates:

  • they subscribed long ago and can’t be bothered to unsubscribe
  • they’re not finding your content very interesting
  • they’re tired of the same old content
  • they’re no longer at that email address
  • your email goes directly to their spam folder
  • your email goes to a folder which they don’t check very often
  • your email is blocked by their company’s firewall

Tips for optimising boost:

  • test different subject lines
  • carefully considered use of images and links
  • encourage sharing and make it easy for people to share
  • mix things up by trying new content formats over time – but maintain some level of consistency
  • timing – figure out the best time of the day and the best day of the week
  • optimise for mobile
  • offer a text only version
  • test across as many platforms, browsers and email clients as possible
  • personalise whenever possible
  • include post-action messages where appropriate (i.e. online shopping)
  • understand tips of avoiding spam filters and follow them
  • check your “from” address  – determines whether you’re in the spam folder but can also build user trust

Analyse your email data further by comparing the direct performance metrics of previous email campaigns and use these as a learning point and benchmark for future campaigns.

Check the impact that your email marketing is having in your other channels – website, social channels, in-store sales etc. This can be done by tagging your links which are then tracked through your analytics tools.

There are plenty good email marketing tools out there – free and paid for – which come with built in reporting and analytics tools. When choosing consider your thresholds in terms of volume and pricing. Therefore, the typical criteria for choosing which tool to use would be based on the size of your list, your growth plans and the number of emails you are likely to send out in a month. Some top ranked tools include:

Campaign Monitor
Reach Mail
Cake Mail

If you require more advanced data analytics – for example customisation beyond what your bulk emailer tool offers or combining other data, like your Salesforce data – then you may want to use a data visualisation tool. DataHero for example allows you to connect to your email marketing tool and build charts based on your data.
*The breakdown of CTR is courtesy of Target Internet.

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