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WellSpent is a brand spanking new initiative which is committed to becoming THE go-to personal finance website in South Africa. With a manifesto to remain consistent in the quality of content it delivers and to keep readers engaged by providing solid advice, around which a loyal and authentic audience can congregate, these guys mean serious business!

From the outset, one thing was clear – WellSpent needed to come across as credible. Being a collection of finance professionals, creative professionals and entrepreneurs there was no shortage of expertise and skills – our job was to create a brand and website that lived up to their high standards. It was up to us to ensure that the whole package was cleverly presented.

We began by creating a brand identity that is simple in design, distinct, relevant and versatile enough to look good at any scale. We designed a logo that speaks of finance, trust and clarity, establishing a sense of credibility with the audience right from the start.

Next task was to design and build a website that functioned smoothly across all devices taking the audience on a journey through a wealth of articles and blog posts and then back again without losing them on the way. It was also important to build a site that can grow gracefully over time and not have to be traded in for a newer model a few years down the line.

The WellSpent team are well positioned to share valuable knowledge with their audience through alternative forms of media. Their content strategy has them regularly pushing out videos, blogs and articles through the most relevant social media channels as well as their primary website which is a beautifully functional and fully pimped blog site.



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