06 Mar 2016

serve ’em bacn, not spam


Email marketing - bacn and spam

Spam is unsolicited bulk email (also goes by the name of junk email). Nobody wants it, nobody likes it. Some would say it probably landed in your email because somebody else profited from selling your address on.

Bacn is email that has been subscribed to and is therefore solicited. It’s email that you want to read, but not right now. Bacn comes in many forms, for example: email notifications from social network sites inwhich you have a profile; a brand you once purchased something from online; a Google Alert you set up ages ago; a blog you subscribed to once; etc.

The positive of bacn is that it offers businesses an opportunity to improve the quality and value (to the recipient) of these kinds of messages. Their audience is already engaged at some level so there is still a chance of getting them back by offering them content they want to engage with.

That Sam-I-am
That Sam-I-am!
I do not like
that Sam-I-am.

Do you like
green eggs and ham.

I do not like them,
I do not like
green eggs and ham.

I do not like
green eggs or spam.

I would not like them
here or there.
I would not like them

With apologies to Dr. Seuss

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