YOMO Barcelona

Supporting the global skills gaps facing the wider mobile ecosystem, YoMo is an initiative – exclusive to MWC – designed to inspire young people in school to take STEAM subjects opening up a broader the range of careers they can follow. STEAM is the acronym for the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (& Design) and Mathematics education.


Brand development

Our missive was to create a key brand visual for YoMo that would appeal to the youth ranging from 8 -18 years – not an easy audience to please in a single brush stroke. Balancing a brand that resonates with a mix of young child and young adult and at the same time remaining relevant to the YoMo initiative was a mean feat. It was also a fun and exciting challenge. The solution for us seemed like an obvious, yet natural one – to create an illustrated design incorporating those elements of STEAM relevant to the cutting-edge technologies of the mobile industry. The primary illustration for the Barcelona event was then adapted for Shanghai and San Francisco. These being the three cities where YoMo (an initiative of MWC) is hosted. We localised each illustration by introducing elements from those cities and cultures.