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Case Studies Asset Match

Fintech Startup Branding & Site

Asset Match, a UK-based fintech startup, has developed a suite of private capital market products that unlock the immense value within an often-overlooked asset class. With a strong belief in the role of financial markets in providing liquidity and pricing for securities, Asset Match creates solutions and markets that cater to investors, shareholders, and companies seeking to offer flexibility and liquidity to their stakeholders. Their impressive client list includes renowned brands such as Brewdog, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal Football Club, and Brompton Cycles. To effectively showcase their innovative platform and establish a strong brand presence, Asset Match partnered with Tenacity Works for a comprehensive Fintech Startup Branding & Site rebranding and website redesign project.

The Challenge

As a digital-first platform, Asset Match required a fully responsive brand that could adapt seamlessly to various digital situations while maintaining clarity and elegance. Additionally, the brand needed to encompass three distinct sub-brands, each representing a specific market within the platform. The website, serving as the primary touchpoint for potential customers, had to effectively introduce the platform’s features and benefits to three main customer types: investors, shareholders, and companies.

The Solution

Tenacity Works collaborated closely with Asset Match’s internal product and marketing teams to develop a comprehensive brand identity and design system that could be successfully applied across all digital assets. The team created a responsive logo and visual language that maintained consistency and clarity across various digital platforms. Three sub-brands were strategically developed to cater to the specific needs of each market within the Asset Match platform. The website was meticulously designed to showcase the platform’s features and benefits, providing a tailored experience for investors, shareholders, and companies seeking liquidity solutions.


The successful collaboration between Asset Match and Tenacity Works resulted in transformative Fintech Web Design, Branding & Website solutions that surpassed expectations. The new brand identity and website not only showcased innovative features but also led to a substantial increase in user activity and signups. This project underscores Tenacity Works’ prowess in delivering end-to-end digital solutions, from branding to development, empowering Asset Match to thrive in the fintech sector.

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Fintech Startup Branding & Site: Asset Match logo sign
Web Design Agency in Bath - Asset Match website

Our Process


Tenacity Works began by designing a comprehensive brand identity and design system that could be effectively applied across all digital touchpoints, ensuring responsiveness and adaptability while maintaining the brand’s core essence.


The team conducted in-depth UX workshopping and user testing to create an intuitive information architecture and user experience, prioritizing accessibility and usability. The interface design seamlessly extended the newly developed brand identity.


Tenacity Works developed a lightweight front-end framework to ensure the website delivered on the critical requirements of speed and security, providing a seamless and reliable user experience for Asset Match’s customers.


The project concluded with extensive user testing and security testing to identify and resolve any potential issues, ensuring the website and brand assets performed optimally across various devices and platforms.

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