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Case Studies Klein Constantia

Online Store for Wine Estate

Klein Constantia, a venerable wine estate dating back to 1685, is nestled among ancient trees on the upper foothills of the Constantiaberg, offering panoramic views of False Bay. Renowned for its cool climate wines, including the world-famous Vin de Constance, the estate stands as a beacon of excellence in South Africa’s wine industry. To further enhance its online presence and cater to the evolving needs of its discerning clientele, Klein Constantia sought to create a modern, visually captivating Online Store for their Wine Estate that would effectively showcase its heritage, wines, and visitor experiences while facilitating seamless eCommerce functionalities.

The Challenge

Klein Constantia’s existing website failed to adequately reflect the estate’s prestige and did not support the necessary eCommerce functionalities required to cater to its sophisticated clientele. The estate recognized the need for a modern, visually captivating, and user-friendly website that would effectively communicate its rich history, showcase its exceptional wines, and provide a seamless online shopping experience for its customers.

The Solution

Tenacity Works, leveraging its longstanding partnership with Klein Constantia and expertise in web design and development, embarked on a mission to revamp the estate’s digital presence. The team integrated cutting-edge technologies and platforms to create a visually stunning and intuitive website. The Commerce7 platform was strategically selected to facilitate eCommerce operations, ensuring smooth transactions and enhanced customer experiences. The new website features improved navigation, engaging visuals, and robust eCommerce capabilities, positioning Klein Constantia as a leader in the global wine industry.


The successful collaboration between Klein Constantia and Tenacity Works resulted in the launch of a new website that genuinely reflects the estate’s rich heritage and provides a seamless online shopping experience for its customers. The visually captivating design, improved navigation, and robust eCommerce capabilities have positioned Klein Constantia as a leader in the global wine industry. The new Online Store for the Wine Estate fosters greater brand recognition, customer engagement, and online sales, ensuring Klein Constantia’s continued success in the digital age.

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Klein Constantia Vin de Constance

Our Process


Tenacity Works conducted extensive research into Klein Constantia’s history, brand identity, and target audience to develop a comprehensive strategy for the website redesign, focusing on enhancing user experience and integrating seamless eCommerce functionalities.


The team created visually stunning designs that captured the essence of Klein Constantia’s heritage and crafted a user-friendly interface. The website was developed using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring responsiveness, speed, and compatibility across devices.


Tenacity Works integrated the Commerce7 platform to facilitate smooth eCommerce transactions, inventory management, and customer data handling. This integration streamlined the online shopping experience for Klein Constantia’s customers, ensuring a seamless and secure process.


Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the website’s functionality, performance, and compatibility across devices and browsers. Upon successful completion of testing, the new Klein Constantia website was launched, providing customers with an enhanced online experience.

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