OTII: Brand & Website for Swiss Mental Health Startup

We created a compelling brand and website, dedicated to enhancing mental well-being in workplaces and educational institutions.

Indeed: Leadership Hub for Employers

We developed a comprehensive, dual-language Leadership Hub for Indeed Canada, empowering employers with valuable resources and insights.


Refresh Your Brand with Tenacity Works

This article aims to be your comprehensive guide to understanding when and how to refresh your brand identity, and why Tenacity Works is your go-to partner for this transformative journey.

When is the Right Time to Refresh Your Brand?

Signs You Need To Refresh Your Brand

  1. Outdated Visuals: If your logo or colour scheme feels like a relic from a bygone era, it’s time for a refresh.
  2. Changed Business Goals: A pivot in your business strategy should be mirrored in your brand identity.
  3. Market Re-positioning: If you’re targeting new demographics or entering new markets, your brand needs to reflect that.
  4. Competitive Pressure: When your competitors level up their branding game, standing still is not an option.
  5. Customer Feedback: If your customers find your brand confusing or outdated, listen to them.

Benefits of Timely Brand Refresh

Why Tenacity Works?: Our team of experts specializes in identifying the right time for a brand refresh, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.

Capturing Brand Touchpoints

Identifying Existing Touchpoints

Ready to create a memorable brand identity that truly reflects who you are?

Evaluating Touchpoints

Why Tenacity Works?: We excel in auditing and optimizing brand touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand experience.

Considering Customer Personas

Importance of Customer Personas

Understanding your target audience is crucial for any brand refresh. Customer personas help in tailoring your brand to meet specific consumer needs.

Steps to Create/Update Customer Personas

  1. Data Collection: Utilize surveys, customer interviews, and analytics.
  2. Segmentation: Group your customers based on demographics, preferences, etc.
  3. Persona Creation: Develop detailed personas for each customer segment.

Why Tenacity Works?: Our data-driven approach ensures that your new brand identity resonates with your target audience.

The Actual Work: Refresh Your Brand

Preliminary Steps

The Design Process

  1. Conceptualization: Our team collaborates with you to brainstorm ideas, create mood boards, and draft initial concepts.
  2. Design Execution: We bring those concepts to life through logos, colour schemes, typography, and more.
  3. Review and Feedback: We value your input and offer multiple rounds of revisions.


Why Tenacity Works?: Our end-to-end services ensure a seamless transition to your new brand identity, backed by years of expertise and a portfolio of successful brand transformations.

Need to Refresh Your Brand?

Refreshing your brand identity is not just a cosmetic change; it’s a strategic move that can propel your business into its next phase of growth. With Tenacity Works as your partner, you’re not just getting a new look; you’re getting a brand that’s aligned with your current objectives and future ambitions. So why wait? Take the plunge and let Tenacity Works help you refresh your brand for a brighter, more successful future.

Contact us today to start your brand transformation journey with Tenacity Works.

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