3 Quick Tips on How to Sell on Instagram 

Businesses from all over the world use Instagram to promote their products and services.

Through your Instagram feed, you can see what your friends recommend and share about products, places, and experiences. Similarly, brands are taking advantage of Instagram’s features and have realised how lucrative selling on Instagram can be.

In spite of the fact that Instagram ads cost money, it is possible to sell your products on Instagram without spending any. You’ve already got the followers, prospective customers, and established clients waiting to buy; all you have to do is engage with them.

But, why sell on Instagram?

With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram is now among the most popular apps in the world, surpassing a record that was previously held by only Facebook and YouTube. 

And with 70 percent of shoppers using the app for product discovery, that’s a lot of potential sales just waiting to happen.

This, along with the app’s extensive shopping capabilities, as well as tools like Reels and direct messaging, explains why Instagram has grown to be such a well-liked platform for businesses.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can sell on Instagram without breaking the bank.

1. Write compelling captions that include CTAs

As a business, you need to re-evaluate your captions and ensure each one is working as hard as possible for its intended purpose.

How do you do that?

Write a strong hook

Instagram captions are limited to 125 characters. Make sure the content you write will encourage users to click “see more.” 

Use CTAs that sell

Instagram captions should weave a story, identify a problem, and offer a solution (your product or service) at the end. Your CTA should encourage someone to contact you for more information, click the link in your bio, or enroll in your course.

Following these two principles will increase the number of people reading your captions and taking action at the end of it. In turn, this could help you generate more leads in your sales cycle and convert them into customers more quickly.

2. Utilise Instagram Reels for Brand Awareness

Since launching Instagram Reels (in response to TikTok’s success), Instagram is pushing the feature hard and rewarding accounts that use it. 

Reels work on a different algorithm than feed posts. This means that you can publish a video today and see its popularity increase two weeks later. In order to keep viewers on the app, Reels serves users more of the same content they like, thereby increasing your chances of going viral.

This is gold for anyone who owns a brand. More people are viewing your content than ever before, increasing the likelihood that they will find your account and become customers. 

3. Consider Your Hashtags Carefully to Expand Your Reach

We recommend that you think of hashtags the same as you would keywords.  You need to research them carefully and then use them liberally throughout a blog post.

But, how do you find the right hashtags to use in your posts? 

Creating hashtag lists with varying search volumes and posting high, medium, and low volume hashtags will target people at different stages of the consumer journey and help your content get discovered.

Hashtags can be found by manually searching Instagram or by using a hashtag generating tool.


Instagram has become one of the best places to sell online, but not everyone can afford to spend money on ads. Luckily, there are a few ways to sell on the platform without costing you an arm and a leg.

If you follow the tips in this post, you should not only get more users interacting with your content, but you should also see an uptake in your sales.

Are you going to give them a try? Get in touch and let us know.

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