Energy4Impact Annual Report – Recent Work

Energy4Impact is a non-profit organisation working with local businesses to extend access to energy in Africa. Their work growing sustainable clean energy markets is creating jobs, accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of life for millions of people. 

Since 2007, Energy4Impact have helped over 17 million people in sub- Saharan Africa obtain better energy access. Additionally, they have assisted 5,000 local micro-energy businesses, small and medium enterprises and project developers with access to capital, skills and equipment to use, grow, and deliver energy access. 

The Problem

Each year, Energy4Impact put out an annual report to showcase the organisation’s news, achievements and to detail their financials. In previous years, the reports have been extremely data-rich, with a huge amount of information presented in a traditional annual report format.

The Solution

Energy4Impact Annual Report Spread

For their 2019 report, Energy4Impact approached our sister company, report & infographic design specialists Agent Jones. Their view was to completely change the way they showcase their annual achievements. Instead of a traditional report, they asked us to create a new solution for digital distribution. It, therefore, had to include byte-size chunks of information, powerful imagery and infographics.

The key sections from the resulting 18-page report are; accomplishments, climate change, boosting livelihoods, empowering women, serving the poor and vulnerable, thank yous, showcasing donors and organisational financials.

The final product was extremely well received and resulted in excellent feedback from the client, their donors and partners.

Download the report here.

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