Getting your key messages seen in a digital world

It is getting harder and harder to get your key messages seen in the digital space.

A huge number of reports and infographics are produced every year amid diminishing attention levels and increasing noise. Report and infographic design must, therefore, adapt to become fit for modern digital purpose.

As an example, over four days at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, a deluge of reports covering thousands of topics were published by all manner of organisations. There were reports by big consultancy firms, multinational corporations, accounting giants, global economic think tanks and even several by the WEF themselves.

While there is little doubt that many of these publications are filled with information of potentially massive societal impact, given the sheer volume of content generated, it is very unlikely they were read or even found by the right people.

Existing report design and delivery is still stuck in the age of print.

Reports are often produced as conventional layouts in book form – all the better to print and stack on shelves. Sadly, only a fraction of these reports are ever printed yet, the traditional formatting and production styles remain.

Layout design should be led by a consideration of how the information will be consumed.

How will the report be read; where and by whom? With the majority of internet usage now being mobile, we need to meet consumers where they’re at. It’s no longer acceptable to pinch and zoom a print-formatted PDF on a mobile screen.

In the age of TL;DR, consumers want to access and share key data points easily.

Important information must, therefore, be visually appealing. We need to give users the ability to explore and shape content to their requirements.


As report and infographic specialists, we create a clear design that leads people straight to the important information. No text-heavy pages here. This way, the people who matter will easily digest your key messages and stay interested.

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