GSMA Mobile Economy Series 2020 – Recent Work

The GSMA Mobile Economy series provides the latest insights on the state of the mobile industry worldwide. Produced by GSMA Intelligence, these reports contain a range of technology, socio-economic and financial datasets, including forecasts up to 2025. Annually, we design the global report to coincide with MWC Barcelona, with an additional eight regional editions throughout the year.

The 2020 edition of the Mobile Economy report focusses on the global adoption of 5G networks, continued efforts by the mobile industry to close the connectivity gap and the acceleration of digital development to deliver the benefits of connectivity to economies and societies across the world. 

This year’s report addresses key topics shaping the mobile industry, they include:

  • Potential use cases for the vast speeds afforded by 5G,
  • Continued IoT innovations,
  • Mobile contribution to economic growth and,
  • Expanding the benefits of mobile internet.

Another key area of focus is the mobile industry’s ongoing commitment to the United Nations Sustaintainable Development Goals.

The Problem

With five years of experience, we’ve learned that the Mobile Economy series generally involves large volumes of data-rich information which need to be distilled into a simple, elegant design solutions. Creating stunning publications to showcase GSMA Intelligence’s analysis whilst ensuring our work runs seamlessly through eight different regional reports, is a challenge we wholeheartedly embrace!

The Solution

Mobile Economy 2020 Report

For the 2020 report, we worked with our sister company, report and infographic design specialists Agent Jones, to find innovative new ways to showcase the Mobile Economy Series.

Key to the ongoing success of the series is the quality of the information design and infographics produced each year. The team spends a lot of time analysing the information provided to create elegant graphic representations. This allows the reader to quickly grasp complex and often multi-layered statistics and numbers.

Mobile Economy 2020 Infographics

We are always looking at ways of extending reports beyond the standard printed document and web downloads. Focussing on key facts and infographics, we created a set of graphic cards specifically for distribution via social channels. In a space where the maximising of impact is vital, these cards have proved a great success.

Another challenge which our team has become particularly adept at handling is sourcing impactful images for each report. Developing systems to ensure that each photograph used appropriately portrays the culture reflected has been a considerable undertaking.

So far this year we have launched the 60-page Mobile Economy Global and the 50-page Mobile Economy China reports. Further reports scheduled for 2020 include the Pacific Islands, West Africa, Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia & CIS, North America, Middle East & North Africa and Latin America.

Download the reports here.

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