Recent Work: Brand and Website for Asset Match

Tenacity Works are seriously chuffed to have been involved in a recent project born out of our partnership with cutting-edge fintech firm, Asset Match. Working closely with the client’s internal product and marketing teams, we rolled out a full rebrand and website redesign for this exciting UK-based platform.

Asset Match has created a suite of private capital market products based around a strong belief in the role of financial markets in the provision of liquidity and pricing for securities. They are creating solutions and markets to unlock the huge value within this overlooked asset class.

The platform features three distinct products:

  1. AM Private Markets – Access to liquidity and price discovery via ongoing periodic auctions. Asset Match’s proprietary order books and market algorithms have been specifically built to enable trading in a fair, transparent and regulated environment. 
  2. AM BookBuild – Access to liquidity and price discovery via one-off specialist auctions designed specifically for the market’s needs. These auctions are used to price large trades, fundraisings and other corporate actions. 
  3. AM Connect – Access a curated collection of new investment opportunities and deal flow from Asset Match’s network of investors, brokers and investment managers. These can be secondary sales, fundraises or tax-efficient investments such as S/EIS.

The Brand

As the new Asset Match identity had to be designed for digital-first applications, meaning the brand needed to be fully responsive. This meant creating versions of the logo that could work in any digital situation whilst retaining clarity and elegance.

We also needed to create derivative sub-brands for each of the platforms three distinct platforms. Each of the products had to relate directly to the parent brand whilst retaining the ability to stand on their own if necessary.

The Website

We created an elegant site designed to introduce the platform and showcase its features for three primary customer types; investors, shareholders and companies seeking to provide shareholders and employees with flexibility and liquidity.

Additionally, the website provides potential customers with case studies, FAQs and an introduction to the Asset Match team. They also offer a comprehensive news section featuring knowledgebase articles and all the latest platform announcements.


We are incredibly proud of the work that has come out of this first collaboration with Asset Match. The end products are a modern, adaptive brand and an elegant and highly effective website. We look forward to many years of working alongside this dynamic organisation.

Check out the platform at

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