Tenacity Works Brand Refresh

As we head towards the end of the first quarter of 2022 and the seasons are starting to change, it feels like the perfect time for a brand refresh. At Tenacity Works, we’ve pretty much been sporting the same look for the last three and a bit years, so we have decided to freshen things up a bit.

Our Logo

The first thing we did was refresh our logo. We are very attached to the calligraphic scripted TENACITY element in the logo as it was drawn for us by hand-lettering uber mensch Ryan Hamrick in 2014. A good deal of time was then spent tightening up the curves in the script, reworking the WORKS text, and placing it all within a circle.

The circle shape gives us the flexibility to place the logo against any background without compromising legibility and really helps with small screen digital applications where the script tended to get lost quite easily.

Placing the logo in the round inspired the use of circles throughout the refresh and became a central theme within our new look brand.

The Brand

We have reworked our brand palette completely. The old colours served a purpose but had definitely started to feel a little dated so we worked up a fresh new batch with a focus on brightness and legibility.

We now have two primary colours and two secondary colours.

We also have two background fillers that are core to the palette. These fillers are used extensively to provide a consistent backdrop against which other brand elements can be placed.

We have two new brand typefaces. For headers and titles, we are delighted to be using Agrandir Grand from Pangram Pangram Foundry. And for body text, the excellent Inter Light by Rasmus Andersson is freely available on Google Fonts.

We also have an updated family of icons to represent the four services we offer as well as a bunch of hand signal icons for various other applications.

Brand Touchpoint Audit

When you undertake a brand refresh, you must run a thorough touchpoint audit to capture every instance of your brand so that nothing gets left behind when you make the switch over.

We are now a fully remote agency which means we no longer have to contend with branding physical offices, signage, business cards or any of that stuff, so the job has become a lot easier!

Make a list before the big day and ensure that all your new brand materials are in place at the same time so that none of your collateral feels out of place when you do your big reveal.

Website Update

As part of the brand overhaul, we have spent a fair amount of time reworking our primary touchpoint, our website. The site is now lighter, cleaner and easier to use.

We have reduced the size of the site, consolidating content to create a much shallower structure making it easier for users to get straight to the information they need.


There are numerous reasons for a brand update; strategic, market-driven or simply because you fancy a change. Get in touch now and let Tenacity Works help you navigate the process with our brand strategy and design experience. 

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