Web Design & Development

Attract the right customers with a website you love.

You know your website is crucial for connecting with your audience. But as your business grows, it’s easy for your site to fall behind. We’ll take the time to find out how your business works and what you want for the future, so we can create a site that evolves and grows with you – including agile, best-practice technology, animation that draws your customers in and the ability to easily update your content whenever you need to.

Mobile First

More than 60% of the online audience is on mobile, so it makes sense to meet people where they are. We design for the smallest screen and work our way up, so your site works seamlessly on every device.

Progressive Web Apps

A ‘progressive web app’ is like a website on steroids – plugged into all the bells and whistles you’re used to getting from a dedicated app, but delivered via the browser on any device. Our web apps feel just as immersive and interactive as an app, but without the downloads and constant updates that can be off-putting to customers.

Web Animations

Animation adds richness to your site and makes it friendly and satisfying to use. This might mean a full-screen video, subtle flourishes triggered by a fingertip, or animated infographics that explain complicated concepts as intuitively as a hand gesture. We’ll take animation into account right from the first brainstorm, ensuring it’s natural and inviting, not a distracting afterthought.

Technical Architecture

If the technology underpinning your website can’t scale as you grow, what’s the point? With a solid understanding of your problems, goals and budget, we’ll build technical foundations for your project that will adapt and grow with your business.

Content Management

The online world moves fast and so does your business, so you need control over your content. We build the majority of our websites on WordPress – a nimble, powerful and simple-to-use content management system used by more than a quarter of the top 10 million websites. You’ll be able to easily update and refine your story from a keyboard or touchscreen, and share it with the world.

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Brand Design & Consulting

Define your visual identity and let people know who you are.

Your brand is how customers feel when they interact with you – and if they’re feeling bored or confused, it shows in your bottom line. But creating a cohesive brand that stands out from your competitors can seem intimidating, and it’s hard to know where to start. Backed by years of experience developing brands for the digital age, we’ll guide you through our streamlined process to define your identity and truly connect with your customers.

Corporate Identity Design

Your identity includes all the visual elements of your business. Every place that customers encounter your brand, from packaging to social media, needs to be carefully considered as part of the whole. We’ll help you get clear on your identity and how to present it to the world.

Modular Design Systems

The age of templates is over. Today’s design systems need to be a collection of reusable components that can be assembled to fit any context or format. This ‘write once, publish everywhere’ system is more efficient and provides central control of your narrative and branding.

Brand Consulting

Creating a brand that tells your story and connects with the right people is hard work. It’s all too easy to end up with little more than high-level ideas that sound nice but have zero impact. With our deep expertise and fresh perspective, we’ll help you pin down what’s great about your business, and develop a strategy to make every interaction with your customers count. We’ll use the latest technology, aligned with your business goals, to get your brand where it needs to be.

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User Experience Design

Make it simple and easy for people to connect with you.

If your website or app takes effort to use, you’re losing customers. But how do you know what’s causing a snag in people’s experience? User-friendly technology takes empathy and expertise to get right. We immerse ourselves in the world of your target audience to take them on an intuitive digital journey, backed by thorough testing and best practices for easy-to-use design.

User Experience Design

UX design means putting on your audience’s shoes and building an online experience around them. With immersive research and attention to detail, we’ll explore the personas of your target market, using wireframes to map the screen-by-screen path of the user’s journey. The result is technology that’s a joy to use, and a digital experience that strengthens your connection with your customers.

User Testing

No matter how much you love your new website or app, it’s what customers think that really matters. Strategic testing with real people often gives unexpected insights, and means you don’t need to guess what works. Our user testing process has benefited websites and services used by millions of people each year. With the kinks ironed out behind closed doors, you can then go public with confidence.

Interaction Design

If UX is the journey your customers take, interaction design is the dashboard that gets them there. Whether it’s motion design, engaging transitions or intuitive controls, good interaction design works well and is a pleasure to use. We strive to make each interaction painless and friction-free, using the power of technology to create an emotional connection with your audience.

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Report & Infographic Design

Create a story that resonates in a TL;DR world

It’s tough for an annual report to compete with the constant stream of information that’s hitting your audience. People with the time to wade through large blocks of text or decode complex diagrams are becoming a rare breed, so your reports need to capture attention to be effective. We distill complex information into easy-to-understand graphics and use clever design to make your key messages pop off the page. Communication that cuts through doesn’t happen by accident. To design compelling reports and infographics, we partner with our sister company Agent Jones – a team of information design specialists, co-founded by Tenacity Works. Our combined expertise in this niche space ensures your communication hits the mark.

Report Design

Your reports are a chance to tell your story. As report design specialists, we create a clear narrative that lets people know what you’ve accomplished. No text-heavy pages here. We design visually generous layouts that guide the reader through your story in an intuitive way, so the people who matter will easily digest your key messages and stay interested in what you’re up to.


Even the most arcane data can be transformed with the right design. Our visual explanations take the complex and make it accessible. Whether it’s flowcharts, graphs, maps or timelines, we’ll create satisfying, information-rich infographics that support your story, guiding your audience through abstract or hard-to-grasp ideas.

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