How SMEs can gear up for Black Friday success

Several businesses are getting ready for the start of the Christmas shopping season, which starts on 29 November with Black Friday and concludes three days later with Cyber Monday. Even though it is the busiest weekend for most retailers, smaller businesses may find it difficult to compete with their larger competitors.

To take advantage of Black Friday, small businesses must think beyond sales and discounts and employ alternative strategies for leveraging consumers’ appetites for spending.

Here are a few ideas:

Start Early:

Black Friday deals are sought out weeks in advance by consumers. Be sure to advertise them early and release new ones every day.


Social media is a great source of information regarding what Black Friday deals your target audience is expecting. See what other businesses (especially the bigger companies) are offering by keeping an eye on their channels or searching for #BlackFriday on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Social Selling:

Despite the fact that the bulk of your Black Friday marketing strategies should focus on social media in 2021, one aspect may be overlooked: social selling. 

Studies show that 78% of online retailers that offer social selling outperform those who solely use social media to market. Connecting your online store to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help eliminate any frustration that could slow down the online shopping process, making it more enjoyable and efficient for your customers.

Ensure your website is ready:

A survey done by Deloitte indicates that 64% of shoppers will buy online instead of in-store this year.  

That means you can expect an influx of traffic and potential sales this year. A slow website can drive customers away faster than any other factor. For example, when your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, users start to abandon it at a rate of 1% for every extra second they wait. But, if it loads within 1 second, the conversion rate of your landing pages can be as high as 32%.

In order to avoid any losses, consult with an IT professional to make sure your site can handle the demand.

Kickstart your marketing:

Black Friday can help you expand your customer base using existing marketing tools, such as social media and email marketing. Consider creating competitions that require participants to share a post, tag friends, or subscribe to your newsletter. 

Create a list of new subscribers and use it to send personalised emails and offers to your customers that are only valid on Black Friday. A 5% discount on abandoned carts is another excellent way to entice customers back. Keep visitors coming back to your website with engaging call-to-actions (CTAs) to encourage them to convert. 

It’s imperative to make every interaction a marketing opportunity.

Be prepared:

By preparing for everything, you’ll be able to deal with the inevitable chaos of Black Friday. Before the madness can begin, your products need to be stocked, logistics arranged and payment systems in place. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than having a difficult shopping experience.


A Black Friday promotion is a great way for your business to engage and reward existing and new customers. You may even find that it increases your cash flow. 

Remember that Black Friday shoppers do not have to be one-time buyers. Providing users with clear communication and a smooth shopping experience on Black Friday can establish a long-lasting and valuable relationship between your brand and your customers.

Do you need assistance with your e-commerce site? Get in touch and we will work with you to ensure that your site is optimised for Black Friday success.

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