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Using lockdown to skill up, fix up and ante up. A message from the team at Tenacity Works.

What type of lockdown business are you? The kind that lays low, slowing their financial pulse and quietly waiting it out? Or are you one of those tenacious tacticians who sees silver linings in the swirling clouds of chaos? 

At Tenacity Works, we believe there’s no shame in turning tricky times to your advantage.

We get it, we’ve all been knocked back, but the businesses that bounce when the shutters come up will be those that used their time well. And it will be the actions of those same businesses that set the rules of the world we build next.

The past few weeks of lockdown (we won’t say ‘uncertain times’, that’s played out) got us thinking. You see, some bright Tenacitite mentioned that now might be a great time to do something we’re always chatting about: make our skills available in a snackable, standalone format. We’ve decided to launch a more tactical, less holistic way to work with us. A shopping list we can use to serve clients who need help in certain areas, without buying the full-service enchilada—no contracts or pitch processes. No commitment. 

Here’s what we’re thinking. 

Tenacity Works Lockdown Services Menu

We will be offering, a selected range of services ‘off the peg’ at a (discounted) flat rate. Why not use the time to grow your business or get your side hustle going? Add a podcasting hosting platform to your site. Refresh your home page. Get our finest minds to interrogate your brand. Whatever you choose, you’ll pay once, with zero obligation to buy anything else. 

If that sounds interesting, take the next step.

Complete the form below and we’ll book you in for a free Zoom session with one of our team members. Chat through what you’re thinking or just describe your business headaches and get (again free) suggestions and ideas on solving them.

Ready to find your lockdown upside? Let’s Zoom. 

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