Recent Work: Goal 13 Impact Report & Website

Tenacity Works and Agent Jones recently joined forces with longtime client, Deloitte to put together a report showcasing research undertaken by the Goal 13 Impact Platform.

The Platform

The platform is a partnership between the Confederation of British Industry, Deloitte, Chapter Zero, The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project, Dell Technologies, Boomi, and the Met Office. The report and corresponding website were released ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which took place between 31 October and 12 November 2021 in Glasgow.

The Goal 13 Impact Platform partnership has built a free and open repository of corporate climate actions from businesses who want to tell their climate story in the run-up to COP26. The objectives of the initiative are to stimulate learning and collaboration through the use of the platform and events and reports. The report we created summarises the interviews that have been carried out and illustrate these with attributed references. It represents the narrative of the businesses interviewed rather than the authors’ and aims to complement the individual business level insight the platform provides.

The Report

Over 420 interviews inform this unique report showcasing climate action by businesses of all sizes, sectors. Developed during the pandemic, it indicates a business’s ability to resource and invest in net zero initiatives against the backdrop of disruptive forces.

The findings represent a diverse set of respondents, covering 19 countries and over two dozen sectors. Despite this diversity, the report highlights significant climate action commonalities for businesses, while reflecting the unique challenges faced by individual companies and sectors. Painting a holistic picture of the state of business climate change programmes.

The report is divided into several key areas: 

  1. Drivers of change – Participating organisations were asked to describe the main drivers of the origination and development of their climate change programmes 
  2. Targets and commitments – contributors were asked to state their key climate-related targets and commitments 
  3. Organising for change – Participants were asked to explain how their company is organising their programme of climate action 
  4. High impact initiatives – Respondents were asked: “What are the one to three key initiatives you have initiated that have had, or will have, the greatest impact on your climate transition?”
  5. Barriers to progress – Participants were asked to describe the key barriers their organisations face as they develop their responses to climate change. 
  6. Lessons learned – Participating organisations were asked to describe the key lessons they have learned as they have set up and begun to implement their climate transitions. 
  7. Country profiles – Detailed profile of five countries; Finland, Italy, Norway and Russia.

The Website

Apart from designing the 216-page report, we also created a web-based platform to provide an accessible, mobile-friendly method of navigating the findings. The site allows users to move easily through the report sections and country profiles. It also offers users the ability to download the full report, executive summary or country profiles separately.


We are always exceptionally proud of the work we do with Deloitte and look forward to working with them on many more climate action projects alongside their Goal 13 Impact Platform partners.

Check out the site and download the report at

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