The Rise of the Nano Influencer

Nano influencers (or Nanos) are the newest members of the social media influencer marketing world. Consumers refer to them as “ordinary people” with exceptional social media skills and a natural ability to influence.

In contrast to macro-influencers who often lack engagement and have large followings, brands are starting to recognise that nano influencers (who typically have fewer than 5,000 followers but no more than 1,000) possess a strong relationship with their audiences. 

A reputation as genuine and authentic is one of the reasons why nano influencers are quickly gaining popularity. 

The founders of Tell Your Friends Influencer Agency have the following to say:

In today’s Ad world, consumers no longer trust marketers and are constantly inundated by advertising noise. People look to social media as their source of information for just about everything, and thus we have seen the rise of Influencers over the last few years. However, consumers also no longer trust celebrity endorsements as they often seem disingenuous. Consumers want credible sources of information which is why they look to family and friends for recommendations before making purchasing decisions. 

Nano influencers are regular everyday people who have real influence in their communities and the velocity to drive engagement and conversation online. Brands who are looking for high engagement and conversion to sales should consider using highly targeted nano influencers within their target market as part of their overall marketing strategy.”

Here are our three reasons why nano influencers are a better choice for your business.

1. Closer Customer Relationships & higher ROI

Many brands are pursuing strategies that will enable them to establish a loyal customer relationship on the cheapest terms possible. 

Oftentimes, nano influencers will create branded content in exchange for a product or a nominal fee. Therefore, even a moderately successful nano influencer campaign can provide a solid return-on-investment (ROI) because the upfront investment is so low.

With smaller, more personal followings, nano influencers tend to come across as more approachable than celebrities who boast about their lavish lifestyles.

2. Competitive Advantage

Because Nanos have a smaller following, they tend to be more engaged with their audience. This means that they will answer questions from their followers about products or brands. 

Another advantage is that they are often new to sponsored advertising which means you can provide creative guidance. The result will be an ad tailored to your specific business niche that could see your engagement rates increase.

3. Cost-Effective

In a nutshell, it is cost-efficient to work with a nano influencer as they charge a smaller fee. They are often willing to promote your brand in exchange for your product or service too. 

Micro and Nano influencers are also great choices for eCommerce and retail start-ups, particularly if your marketing budget is limited.

How To Find The Right Nano Influencer For Your Company

Despite a large number of nano influencers, it is not difficult to reach one. In addition to searching and subscribing to specific hashtags like #discoverunder10k, users can also find nano-influencers through related accounts.

It is, however, important to know how to choose the right one. After all, your brand cannot be advertised by just any nano influencer.

So how do you know which is the right nano influencer? We suggest following these recommendations:

  • Show that you know them: Look at their posts and make sure they are in tune with your business and the image you want to project.
  • Check Your Target Audience: Most nano influencers focus on specific content. Make sure their content is a match for your audience.
  • Check If They Work With Other Brands: An influencer should not be associated with other brands that may contradict your product. 


As we continue to evolve in the digital space, consumers can recognise paid content in the feeds of well-known influencers. In this regard, nano influencers can play a crucial role in fostering social engagement for your brand.

Do you need assistance with your nano influencer strategy? We can help! Get in touch, and let’s get your influencer marketing campaign started.

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