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Tenacity Works is incredibly proud to have worked alongside Industrial Physics, the global leader in industrial testing and inspection products, on the design and development of their new web presence. Operating across a family of brands, Industrial Physics has been supporting manufacturers, laboratories, and production lines across a multitude of industries for almost 100 years. 

The scope of the project is vast and has involved the migration of products and content from more than 20 websites across 12 brands into a new, unified, multilanguage platform. The goal is for the new site to become the focal point for Industrial Physics’ broader digital transformation initiatives.

The Project

We kicked off the project with an intensive and collaborative discovery workshop with the client which lasted around five months in total.  

We interrogated the data structures behind the brand websites and systematically extracted the product data into editable files, to begin formatting the data into a standardised structure that would ultimately enable a phased approach whereby we could import and publish the various brand products in batches.

In tandem with the website discovery workshop, Google Analytics data was collected over an initial three month period and then analysed to expose content within the brand websites that held existing authority. The keyword research behind these content pages played a big role in driving the content strategy and information architecture of the new website.

As the design of the information architecture took shape, we created high fidelity Figma wireframes for each page of the new website, with a strong focus on persona-driven UX within a specialised target industry.

Once the new corporate identity was delivered to us, we were able to apply the brand to the wireframes to create interface designs in a rapid design sprint, focussing on accessibility. We produced functional mobile and desktop prototypes within Figma which allowed for detailed testing before the development phase began. 

One of the requirements of the new website was to allow for the easy update of content by any member of the Industrial Physics marketing team, and with the medium-term goal of an e-commerce platform in mind, WordPress and WooCommerce were selected as the CMS and storefronts respectively.

A further requirement to deliver the website content in multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese), while maintaining a strong SEO platform, and WPML (arguably the most well supported and ubiquitous multi-language delivery platform for WordPress) was chosen; their extensible and highly accurate auto-translation service allowed for the translation of large volumes of content without the need to engage translation agencies from the outset, merely requiring post-translation editing to correct for any industry-specific phrases.

The website content is currently available in English, German and Spanish with Chinese translation (which requires significant planning and review) planned before the end of the year.

The website architecture emphasizes the delivery of SEO-friendly content (to drive organic search ranking for technical search terms across testing and inspection industries, applications, and materials), while allowing users to search for, and quickly find, products matching their specific needs.

All products imported into WooCommerce now comply with a standard data format we created, which allowed us to implement a comprehensive product filter to further assist website users with their specific product search requirements.

Another core requirement of the new website was to serve as a source of lead creation within Salesforce; to achieve this we integrated the web forms (powered by Gravity Forms) with the Salesforce REST API, to create a lead on each form submission.

Website users can make contact with the experts at Industrial Physics through a choice of three web forms; a general enquiry form, a service request form (which creates a service Case within Salesforce), and the ability to express interest in specific products by adding multiple products to an enquiry basket (a modified WooCommerce shopping cart), and then completing a web form, which captures specific details of the user and the product/s of interest.

The website is hosted on SiteGround, via the managed WordPress platform. Initial hosting requirements were such that we could provide optimal performance and traffic management without the need for a complex server configuration. SiteGround’s scalable packages meant that the hosting configuration can be adapted at any time to meet any future performance, data, or traffic requirements.


“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Team at Tenacity, and plan to continue working with them in the future. It was a completely new relationship but the risk has paid off. From the discovery phase to the UI/UX phase to the system integration there has been incredible detail in understanding the complexity of Industrial Physics. They have created a digital platform that positions us ahead of anyone else in the industry in terms of online customer experience, and we are already seeing new business in the first month through the website.”


Karen Mann, Global Marketing Director


We are delighted that phase one of the project is now live. Post-launch features and improvements are currently being designed and developed in parallel with the import and launch of the remaining brands within the Industrial Physics stable.

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